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February 2020


This Meetup hasn't been announced yet, but soon.
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Past Women Healing the World Meetups

October 2019 Meetup
At the October Meetup... Our group met at the Christian Science Reading Room to discuss the vetting process we will[...]
September 2019 Meetup
At the September Meetup... Movie Time! This meetup has passed. Meetup Details When: Sunday, September 22 from 2:00 – 4:30Where:[...]
August 2019 Meetup
At the August Meetup... Attendees welcomed Angie Shell, Twin City Mission Shelter and Homeless Services Manager.  Ms. Shell  gave an[...]
May 2019 Meetup
At the May Meetup...Meet Up in May was a hands-on assist to give a fresh start to a young single[...]
April 2019 Meetup
At the April Meetup...Mr. Dan Kiniry of the Tiny Hope Village spoke to us about reducing homelessness in Bryan/College Station.A[...]
March 2019 Meetup
At the March Meetup... Storytelling for empowerment, inspiration, and healing! Today we asked this question; "When was the last time[...]