Bridging spirituality, women, and politics. We are a group of women who are actively transforming and healing global society through networking, discussion, and providing resources to women in need around the world.

Mary Sue Rabe is the Founder and Director of Women Healing the World–a creative community of women who want to make a difference for other women in our communities.

This organization started because she noticed that certain segments of the population were not being served. For example, single mothers who work but who do not quite make ends meet. They are low on time and funds to really take care of their children in the best ways possible. They say it takes a village to raise a child and sometimes women do not have family nearby or a village that helps them. That’s where WHTW comes in. In today’s society so many people are isolated just trying to survive. That’s not the way Mary believes we were meant to live, and it’s her mission to change that.

Mary grew up in a small town in Central Texas in a conservative Southern environment. She was encouraged to go to college to get her “MRS” degree and find herself a good husband, but was also encouraged to get a teaching certificate to have something to fall back on– just in case. After her marriage didn’t work out, she became a single working mother of two small daughters, teaching children with learning disabilities.

There were few resources to help women in her position, at that time. She struggled during those years financially, but began exploring personal growth, metaphysics, energy healing, women’s empowerment, mindset enhancement, and enjoyed the freedom of living life on her own terms.

Now in her retirement years, with decades of experience in teaching, training, mentoring, bio field healing and providing/promoting events to expand consciousness, Mary is excited to have birthed WHTW. Together with other women in her state of Texas and others around the country and the world, they are bringing the feminine power of healing to those in need, to make a better world for everyone.