Bridging Spirituality, Women & Social Justice

We are a group of women who are actively transforming and healing global society through networking.


Women Healing the World


Women of wisdom providing support for other women so the world is more of an egalitarian place and their voices are heard and respected in decision making processes.


Women Healing The World is an creative community of women who focus on issues regarding women, spirituality and social justice and who take action to resolve those issues.


We are a group of women who want to be of service. We hope to have short term volunteer opportunities available in the near future that are win-win and have a local impact.

Donate Need It Now money to aid women in emergency situations (the unexpected medical needs, car repairs, deposits of all kinds, gas, food or partial rent)

We've won a Community Builder Grant

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The new feminine (emerging in our time) stands for a new kind of consciousness which can hold the divine and human in one thought" says Woodman. It is divinity in matter - "soul living in matter" ... ...

​“The feminine lives with uncertainty, mystery,” she says, for we can only know the divine through its manifestations, intuitive imagery, not with the mind.

​- Marion Woodman


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How to Let Go of Years of Negativity in Under 3 Minutes

Podcast and Transcript

Carla Rieger interviews Mary Sue Rabe about her use of the Ho’oponopono Prayer.


Let go and find happiness again!

Download the forgiveness prayer and hear about other Women Healing the World programs.